Lieutenant Max Lawrence

Max, originally from Hampshire, is a serving Officer in the Scot’s Guards. His current role is as a Platoon Commander, responsible for the leadership, guidance and support of his soldiers in barracks and on operations.


Max completed a degree in Psychology at the University of Bristol before attending the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. In his spare time, Max is always eager for a challenge and for opportunities to push himself both mentally and physically. A keen adventurer, he has undertaken a number of testing expeditions all over the world – from Madagascar, Mexico, Vietnam and most recently, crossing the notorious Panamanian Darién Gap rainforest. He is also a qualified SCUBA diver, mountaineer and skydiver. No stranger to a challenge, Max leapt at the opportunity to gather a team and execute such a demanding project. The team is perfectly balanced, motivated and committed to ensuring the Atlantic rowing challenge is a huge success. Max is ecstatic to lead the team to success and is under no illusion of the intensity of the challenge they are about to undertake. Rowing across the Atlantic will push him beyond his limits and test his physical and mental capacity, however, he is adamant that together Atlantic Guardsmen can overcome anything that is thrown at them.

The team are rowing to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Falklands War and the sacrifices made by all who took part. With his father having served with the Scots Guards in the conflict, this is a subject close to Max’s heart. He is passionate about supporting the welfare of serving and veteran soldiers, with both immediate family and friends having been affected by service related mental health conditions. Max is ready to showcase the Scots Guards on the world stage, whilst raising as much money as possible for the team’s chosen charities.

Warrant Officer Class Two William Botes

William (aka Billy), originally from The Kingdom of Fife, Glenrothes, is a serving Warrant Officer in the Scots Guards.


Billy is currently Company Sergeant Major of a rifle company named Left Flank. A veteran of multiple tours of Afghanistan, Iraq and Cyprus. His experience has allowed him to successfully lead soldiers and officers all over the world. He enjoys challenging and pushing himself to his limit and gets great enjoyment from helping others to achieve their goals. An enthusiastic sportsman and adventurer, it was no surprise when he joined the Army at a young age. He completed the combat Infantryman’s course at the Infantry Training Catterick in May 2004 and joined 1st Battalion Scots Guards in Wellington Barracks, London. From there, he has promoted through the ranks and led soldiers to take on many challenges; but nothing will compare to the challenge of leading soldiers rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.

Throughout Billy’s career, no matter how big the challenge and through the toughest of times in Afghanistan and Iraq, he has always had the support of his amazing wife Michelle. Michelle has been a rock of support and is his biggest fan. Whilst Billy is away, she will be looking after their two beautiful children and holding down the fort at home. Billy’s family are hugely supportive of their amazing Dad for taking on this challenge to help raise funds to support serving and non-serving members of the armed forces and paying tribute to the memory of those who served in the Falkland War on its 40th anniversary. Bill will be leading on future planning tasks within the challenge and as with every astute Warrant Officer in the British Army, will be the intrinsic glue that holds the team together.

Lance Sergeant James Tate

James (aka Jimmy), originally from a coal mining village, Kelhoe in County Durham, is a serving Lance Sergeant in the Scots Guards.


James has been serving with the Battalion for a little over twelve years. His great passion is physical fitness and sports and he recently furthered this passion by becoming a qualified All Arms Physical Training Instructor for his Battalion. From a young age, James was heavily involved in football and running in his local area, and this drive for keeping fit continued through college. It therefore came as little surprise when he decided to pursue a career in the Armed Forces.

James has always been keen to challenge himself and represent the Scots Guards in a major physical event and so was ecstatic when he was asked if he wanted to row across the Atlantic Ocean. By his own admission James isn’t an experienced rower but like the rest of the team, strives for nothing but the top spot when it comes to any event. He is confident in the team’s success and that all the crew will embrace every moment and support each other through all the highs and lows during this monumental challenge. James will be leading on the training elements of this once in a lifetime event, and will draw on all his knowledge and passion for physical training and nutrition in order to ensure the team performs at their absolute best.

Guardsman Richard Farnworth

Guardsman Richard Farnworth, originally from Edinburgh, is a serving guardsman in the Scots Guards.


Richard has been with the regiment for nearly two years. He has spent the majority of his time performing ceremonial duties and recently had the honour of playing a central role in Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday parade.


Like the rest of the team, Richard is a keen fitness enthusiast. His interest in physical training was set in motion after getting into amateur boxing and Muay Thai at the age of 18. Richard is eager to test his limits outside the ring, and what better chance than the physical and mental challenge of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.


Beyond the physical challenge there is a greater motivation to Richard’s involvement. He is extremely passionate about the Scots Guards regimental history and giving something back to those who have served. When he learnt of the opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Falklands he quickly expressed an interest.

Richard is by far the tallest man in the boat. At 6’4 the cramped conditions on board will be testing, however he has the muscle needed to get the team across.